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World In Motion (Winter Edition)
Label: EAMS
Identifier: 4000-5
Released: 1997
Overall rating:  4.5

CD, 13 track(s)

1.Shadows Of The NightExtended Version5:27
2.Can You Hear Me3:54
3.PrayB&B Remix5:52
4.Respect YourselfExtended Mix5:40
5.World In Motion 4:51
6.It's My LifeShow Version4:38
7.Radio Ga Ga3:46
8.Don't Stop The Music3:56
9.For Now And Forever4:30
10.The Colour Of Freedom4:45
11.We Are Children4:01
12.Let Me Feel The Love4:17
13.It's Time For ChristmasChristmas Mix3:54

Total running time: 59:31