Return of the Webmaster

3/28/2006 00:01
After a long time of inactivity due to several events in my life, I have finally begun to reconstruct this site.

This is the first result of a lot of things there is going to happend on this site.
For now, I cannot be to detailed, but I can only say, that I will do with this site what I am good at - and that is dynamic content managed by the visitors - managed by you.

I truly hope that together, we can make this site one of the best alternatives to the official site, and at your languages; primarly english, but also other languages if needed.

Until then - take good care ;)

Please note: Limited functionality in this first release.

Remember: For the latest news regarding this site, refer to the version information page (in the upper right corner of all pages on this site, you can se a VX.Y.Z - when this changes, a new version has been uploaded).