Version information

V1.0.7 8/12/2006 18:20

  • The front page (home) has been updated with some extra features to the Live Statistics. Siderunning with hits per day is now unique hits per day. Also, suspicious visitor's host addresses can now be displayed along with there hit count.

V1.0.6 4/20/2006 18:20

  • The Discography section has been updated with enhanced rating view.
    As on MSN, a blue star now indicates the average score followed by the actual average score. A golden star will appear, when you hoover the track ratings, indicating your rating for the current track, should you choose to apply it, click the mouse.

V1.0.5 4/18/2006 21:47

  • Fixed a feature that occured, when a user did not allow session cookies from this site. This had the affect, that my traffic logging mistakenly took the user as a "new" user each time, hence added a new traffic record for each page browsed, hence increased the visit counter.

V1.0.4 4/18/2006 01:30

  • The Discography section has been updated with view selections; Wizard, Thumbnails and List. This should make it more user friendly :)
  • Minor update of the Profile for DJ BOBO.

V1.0.3 4/5/2006 21:04

  • Fixed a minor bug, that prevented the meta keywords and content to be filled correctly (used by search engines).

V1.0.2 4/3/2006 21:25

  • Fixed a feature in the live statistics. Crawlers such as Googlebot and similiar are now excluded from the counters.

V1.0.1 3/29/2006 23:51

  • Fixed a bug, that unattended allowed robots (such as MSN Search), to affect the Poll result.
  • Added "Latest Releases" to the start page.
  • Updated icon for "Latest Releases".

V1.0.0 3/28/2006 00:11

  • Poll
  • Guestbook
  • Statistics
  • News
  • Discography
  • Latest Releases
  • Traffic Monitoring
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