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Greatest Hits
Label: Ministry Of Sound
Identifier: 4029758661659
Released: 2006/03
Overall rating:  3.4

CD, 20 track(s)

1.Secrets Of LoveRadio Version3:20
2.FreedomRadio Version3:53
3.EverybodyRadio Mix3:51
4.What A FeelingRadio Version3:18
5.I BelieveAlbum Edit3:40
6.There Is A Party2002 Version4:10
7.Pirates Of DanceRadio Version3:13
8.PrayRadio Version3:50
10.Love Is The Price3:32
11.Let The Dream Come TrueRadio Mix3:58
12.Games People Play2:55
13.Amazing LifeRadio Pop Version3:26
14.Somebody Dance With Me3:31
15.Respect YourselfRadio Mix3:55
16.Feels Like Heaven3:02
17.TogetherRadio Version3:42
18.It's My LifeRadio Version3:52
19.Where Is Your LoveRadio Version3:52
20.Shadows Of The NightClassic Radio Version3:27

Total running time: 1:11:28

DVD (PAL), 27 track(s)

1.Secrets Of LoveRadio Version3:20
2.Amazing LifeRadio Dance Version3:38
3.Pirates Of DanceRadio Version3:13
4.ChihuahuaRadio Version2:57
5.I BelieveAlbum Edit3:40
7.Colors Of LifeRadio Mix3:08
8.Hard To Say I'm SorryRadio Version3:24
9.What A FeelingFeat. Irene Cara3:34
10.LiesVideo Version3:44
11.TogetherRadio Version3:42
12.CelebrateRadio Version3:41
13.Around The World3:47
14.Where Is Your LoveRadio Version3:52
15.Shadows Of The NightClassic Radio Version3:27
16.It's My LifeBahia Radio Version3:45
17.Respect YourselfRadio Mix3:55
18.PrayRadio Version3:50
19.Love Is The Price3:50
21.There Is A PartyRadio Mix4:09
22.Love Is All AroundRadio Version4:04
23.Let The Dream Come TrueRadio Mix3:58
24.EverybodyFirst Edition3:53
25.Take ControlRadio Mix3:45
26.Keep On DancingClassic Radio Mix3:33
27.Somebody Dance With MeRadio Mix3:35

The mix and time definitions on this DVD is not surdent.
They are for guidance only.

Total running time: 1:38:35